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CGAD-16 Hyper Sexy Heroine Elize

One day Elise missed her way and wandered deep into the strange world, and she was suddenly attacked by villagers who had faces like pigs. However, Elise dodged enemies’ attack by reflex action, and she fought back against them. She tired to run away while she was bewildered by her unconscious power... And then a mysterious old man, who was supposed to guide her, appeared in front of her. Elise was told by the old man that she should accomplish a mission as a savior of the world. However, Elise who still didn’t become conscious of her true power was beaten so transiently by the Rose Monster, and she was placed in a trial by those villagers... Elise watched for a chance to escape from them while she was bearing the humiliating treatment. But some evil man called the Monstrous Earthworm who was afraid by villagers suddenly appeared and attached Elise. Well, would it be possible for Elise to beat the Monstrous Earthworm and be the savior of the villagers as the prophecy was mentioned!

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