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CGAD-14 Super Heroine Aurora F

Hikariwa Maika (Rie Tezuka) is an ordinary Japanese girl, but in fact she was once a super heroine Aurora Fighter in high school, dedicating her life to fighting the evil. Having retired, she is now leading an ordinary life when God appears before her and asks her to be back at work again for once and for all. She refuses at first, but consents with reluctance to do the new job because it involved her best friend Tsukino Igarashi (Serina Ogawa). Returning to work as masked friend of justice, Maika fights the super villainess Hurricane Luna, but Maika is entrapped and captured by her foe. Getting curious about Maika, Luna ruthlessly tortures her to obtain the secret from her. Luna straps Maika to an energy sucking machine, but a big surprise is waiting for Luna! Luna unmasks Aurora and gets terribly upset seeing the face of Maika because Luna is actually Maika’s best friend Tsukino turned into the super villainess by her own father like Maika. What will become of the best friends now fighting each other as good and evil??

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