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CGAD-06 Super Heroine Marionette Soldier

An ordinary high school girl Maiko Honjo is unexpectedly summoned by the schoolmaster Ran Sauru and is charged with the mission of being a righteous heroine. Ever since, under the name of ”Cutie Soldier Maiko”, she is engaged in outstanding performance in battles with evil monsters that threaten peace. One day, however, she gets knocked into smithereens by a mystery monster. In order to avenge the surrender Maiko receives hellish training from the deputy head Sadomura and then faces the challenge of a revenge battle having gained more power. But it comes to light that the string-puller behind the battles is the schoolmaster herself! The schoolmaster, who gets a rush from being hard on heroines, creates heroines for herself and makes them fight with monsters. She also transforms herself into monster Medousa and assaults Maiko! What’s worse, a trick is used on Maiko’s transform costume! Will Maiko be able to get out of this pinch and become a real heroine?

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