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CGAD-03 Super Heroine Speace Exceed MISAKI

They were ..fight.. Chiroge of mystery men who tried to acquire it as for the soldier who had the strongest gene in the age of 2088 at the Christian era and the world. However, mystery men who disappear one-sidedly because of a longtime fight. To escape from this situation, the mystery man hits on a certain thing. It is so. ”The sky is jumped over at time, and man who has the strongest gene is defeated. ” The mystery man who took aim jumped over the sky to Sg at time, danced in the age today, and got off. Hero Misaki to live in the present age is attacked by the mystery man who shows up suddenly though it doesn’t know at all. Desperate Misaki. Then, young person who jumps over another and the time sky there and shows up. The young person’s name is Hiraumi. So. It was one of the strongest soldiers who fought with mystery men in the age of 20088 years. Hiraumi that begins to help Misaki in place of a hair’s breadth. Two people who exceed long time and appear in the same play for the first time. And, the fight with the mystery man was done through necessity as for Misaki.

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