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AZGB-07 Martial Artist Ami

Ami is the only daughter of a renowned martial arts master Cervantes Iwaki. She looks like a completely ordinary high school girl, but Ami has been specially trained as a martial artist since childhood by her father. Though she is already a fighter with exceptional skill and power, Ami is leading a peaceful life like any other high school students now, staying away from fighting. One day Cervantes is visited by Killer Crown, a group of underground martial arts fighters with which Cervantes has signed a contract in the past. The organization orders Cervantes to give his only son Masahiko to them. Killer Crown is actually planning to raise Cervantes’s young son as underground fighter and successor of the aged Cervantes himself! Cervantes demands that the contract be cancelled, but Killer Crown’s assassin Guts Matsumoto attacks him ruthlessly. That’s when Ami comes along to his rescue. Ami then decides to settle this dispute in real fight; that is, she agrees to fight for real Killer Crown’s strongest assassins Armageddon Shinozaki and Mendusa Tatsunami on the condition that if she wins, the contract between her father and Killer Crown is cancelled. Will Ami win the battle against these mean and vicious wrestlers?

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