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AZGB-01 AKIBATTLE - Cover Girls Battle The Rival

Sakura and Momiji (Momiji Kitagawa),young female pro-wrestlers,join the league over the same period. Sakura is a comedian wrestler who pumps up matches with the ring name of Sweet Sakura. She finds joy in boosting the ring from day to day. On the other hand, Momiji has been pushed into the spotlight as a bottom-line kind of wrestler. One day, Momiji stops Sakura in training and asks her to do sparring, through which Momiji confirms Sakura has the real strength and is not a mere comedian. Momiji is not happy about Sakura concentrating on comedy matches without letting out her real ability. In the match after the sparring practice, all of a sudden, Momiji declares to switch over to a heel wrestler. Since then she breaks into the matches wherever Sakura plays. Losing temper at last, Sakura challenges Momiji to a one-on-one fight. They reveal what they have been thinking in the match. Who will win in the end? And what will they find through the fierce battle?

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