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ATHB-08 Heroine Battle Red Panther

Maho Hyodo, the investigator, has had her peer and lover Agent Kitada killed by Venes, the woman cadre of Dahmon, in a fight against the clan of evils, Dahmon. She, too, gets beaten and manhandled by Venes. Venes somehow has developed a liking of Maho and spares her life for later enjoyment to mash up. Maho, wishing to revenge, applies for a special investigation mission, trains her in rigorous sessions and sets out to fight Dahmon in a reinforced Red Panther suit that can defy Dahmon’s attacks. Transformed into Red Panther, she sneaks into Venes’s base but has to confront Monster Gelper created by Venes. Maho challenges Gelper but is beaten and taken as a prisoner. Venes incapacitates her with a drug, molests her body with tickling and groping, and relishes torturing. She is deprived of her energy, stripped off her Red Panther suit, and is planted with a dildo between her groin in a human experiment to fight with Gelper again. Beat and smashed by Gelper, but Maho gets revived by Agent Kitada’s imaginary phantom and successfully turns the table around to beat him. But, she loses her might then and there, as Venes molests her with lesbian plays which send Maho down into a hellish pleasure. Bad ending.

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