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AKBD-20 Heroine Erotic Fight 003

The masked mystery woman wrestler, White Mask, has been fighting pro-wresting bouts in the underground, with her life and pride at stake, for the orphanage children at the First Star Academy. She goes up into the ring to save a boy grappler, Kenji, and start the fight with a vicious wrestler. But, the bout is only a trap, to unmask her identity and put her to shame by screwing her on the ring. With her mask ripped off gradually to reveal her true self, White Mask tries hard to resist and conceal her identity. The telling vicious, unruly attacks begin to knock her off-kilter. With electric massager and tough thick vibrator, she is sent to climaxes time and again, and finally White Mask gets her mask pealed off. Right on the ring, she gets screwed, with cum ejaculated inside. Crying with tears dripping down, she has to scrape semen off her cunt with fingers.

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