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AKBD-09 Heroine Lesbian Fight 001

The rule is ”One-game match in sixty minutes. The way of the deul settlement is decided weather one makes other reach the acme or one is reached the acme by other.” The Cutie-Akane came to play a match because she thought that it’s a regular pro wrestling one. But contrary to her will, the battle’s opponent, the Red-Devil attacks the Cutie-Alkane by sexual kind of attack so that the Cutie-Akane is shocked by her deed and unavoidably slows her movement. As a result she is punishmentd by the Red-Devil much as she likes. The Cuite-Akane gets scars and bruises all over body, and in addition to that, the Red-Devil tries to bring the Cutie-Akane to the peak of the acme while the Cutie-Akane is just treated like a rat given a pain and teased by a cat. Is it possible for the Cutie-Akane to stand up to the disgrace of the Red-Devil!

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