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AKBD-02 Heroine Battle 002

Second Match: Story In the second match between Justice Team and Evil Armies, we have elegant female warrior Great Woman going against Mad Dog Kerberos. Initially it was thought the bout would be rough, but Kerberos fights fair and square and both wrestlers continue to perform a variety of moves. But suddenly things change when Great Woman makes Kerberos bleed with her deadly move. Seeing his own blood spilled, enraged Kerberos bites Great Woman in the forehead and makes her bleed too, and attacks the wound using illegal weapons to hurt her more. Kerberos’ violent and incredible attacks are terrifying enough for Great Woman, who because of a fear can do nothing to resist the attacks that continue. Kerberos even begins harassing Great Woman sexually, which is a big mistake, as Great Woman gets mad and brilliantly turns the tables on Kerberos! Now it looks like Great Woman is going to win the battle, but then Taurus, who was in the first match, interrupts Great Woman’s attack to aid Kerberos. Now this is a two-against-one handicap match! Can Great Woman win the battle over these two evil monsters?

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