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ZDAD-95 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 09 Spandexer R

Spandexer kept destroying Doctor Human’s cyborgs. So he decides to kidnap a person who knew martial arts and to change him or her into a cyborg! And so, Mariko Shinano, Spandexer’s friend who is a female wrestler, gets kidnapped in front of Spandexer’s eyes! Doctor Human has doubts about how Spandexer arrived early when they tried to kidnap Mariko. Mariko is tortured and she speaks of a female investigator named Alisa, aka Spandexer! The superheroine goes to save Mariko but it was too late. She had been turned into a cyborg named Zarla. Zarla battles against her friend and captures her! Now Spandexer is tortured by Doctor Human because he needs data to create a more powerful cyborgs. The heroine is then forced to fight against Zarla. But Zarla retrieves her memories of the past and tries to save Spandexer but…!

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