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ZDAD-92 Heroine Pinch Omnibus11 Ninja Investigator Justy Laser

Ouka aka Justy Blossom and Kazane aka Justy Wind are on a mission to stop the Kyoma Family. But the Kyoma Family targets Justy Blossom who has been a hindrance to their plans and gathers the Big Four to kill her. Ouka is ferociously attacked by Yasha (one of the Big Four) and defeats him, but she dies in battle. Kazane, who looked up to Ouka, begs the commander to assign her as the next Justy Blossom but is declined. Instead, she is told to bring Momoka, Ouka’s sister, to the base. Momoka finds out about what had happened to her sister, and accepts the offer to become the next Justy Blossom. But Kazane cannot accept the fact that Momoka, who had been living a normal life, is the next Justy Blossoms. Momoka finds out about how Kazane feels about her, and decides to go on an arbitrary mission but gets captured by the enemy… Momoka and Kazane must fight together to defeat the rest of the Big Four but…

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