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ZDAD-88 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 05 Starshooter Sentai Charge V

As the battles get more dangerous, the members of Charge V are barely able to win the battles against Galuans. Akashiro and the other members were gaining confidence but Yuki Shiranami, the chief of operations, felt uneasy. They have been defeating the monsters, but this was all because the five combined their power as Charge Dynamite. If even one of them lacks, they will not be able to defeat them. Yuki discusses the problem with Sakura to create a new move, but Sakura gets injured during the training. Meanwhile, Grake elaborates a plan of operations to eliminate Charge V. He decides to capture Charge White to examine the strength of Charge V. Yuki is attacked by a monster when she is patrolling the city. She tries to call help but communication function is destroyed from the electric shock. Charge White is severely damaged and gets captured…

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