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ZDAD-86 Heroine in a Pinch Omnibus10 - Earth Fighter

[Episode 25] Blue Mermaid is sent to a different dimension from Juggler’s attack. While she is inside the dimension, she fights against Bezut, Bardos, and Juggler. Blue Mermaid uses her special attack on the monsters but it does no damage to them. Can Blue Mermaid escape from the dimension? [Episode 26] Nagisa loses her memories about changing into Blue Mermaid. But Juggler appears before Nagisa’s friend, Shoko. While Nagisa is getting attacked by Juggler, Shoko tries to stop him but she doesn’t stand a chance. But Shoko obtains the power to transform into Pink Phoenix. [Episode 27 & 28] Shoko obtains the special power but she is defeated by Zeiren. Nagisa fights against Zeiren but loses against her as well. Will they be able to defeat the most powerful enemy?

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