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ZDAD-85 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 04 - Magical Sailor Knight Sapphire

By the order of the Queen, Sapphire and Onyx (the Magical Sailor Knights) are after Storiga, the witch whom escaped from the Magical World. Storiga sees an image of the Queen within Sailor Sapphire and sends out two powerful monsters. The monsters attack Sapphire during her transformation… Meanwhile, Onyx finds Storiga but gets brainwashed…Sailor Sapphire transforms completely and tries to kill the enemy but fails. She asks Onyx for assistance but gets betrayed by her friend. Onyx’s brainwash dispels and loses against the monsters. Storiga takes Sapphire and is certain that this girl is the daughter of the Queen. The witch tries to kill Sailor Sapphire but Onyx makes it just on time to save her… Sailor Onyx uses her remaining power to cure Sailor Sapphire and deceases. Sailor Sapphire challenges the most powerful enemies for the will of her friend.

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