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ZDAD-56 Heroine In Danger Omnibus - Mighty Honey

Sayaka, a lowly assistant detective, has been in search of a missing dog in the park. There, she happens to come across a fighter just about to assault a girl. Sayaka runs after the fighter ready to pounce upon the girl. She gets into a big trouble as the fighter’s sword swings upon her. In that instant, a mysteriously dressed specter jumps in to fend off the sword. Pronouncing that he is Mighty Master, the specter tells Sayaka that he has come down to lend power to brave people. Turned into Mighty Honey from that day, Sayaka sets out to fighting with crooked Emperor Brunos... Her first tough enemy is Lidhara with the nifty battling skills. Later, she fights with herculean specter Ballaon and dazzling specter Pastol and encounters a corps of specters of Emperor Brunos in the final battle...

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