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ZDAD-18 Angel-like Nurses Lethal Angel - Evil Mouthwilther's Trap!

The bonds of Miyako(means a capital) and Makoto(means a true Japanese harp) has become strong. However, Miyako has frequently revived nightmares about her experience in which she had the virus shot in the past, and suffers a lot in pain. On the other hand, Makoto begins to suffer from the dilemma because even if she has the ability to release Miyako from the nightmares but she is not allowed. Then, one day Nishigami(means God in west) suddenly appears in front of Makoto. Makoto knows that a man shot the virus to Miyako is Nishigami, so she forgets herself in anger and chases after him. But it’s a trap of the Nishigami. Nishigami appears in front of Makoto who is decoyed out to ruins and he transforms himself into the Mouse-Wilzer, and beats Makoto and orders her to transform herself into the Lethal-Angel. Makoto is shaken by her true character being known, however she transforms herself into the Lethal-Angel and fights against the Mouse-Wilzer but she is defeated. And later, images of Makoto who is being captured and tortured are sent to Miyako. Miyako is called and told that if she doesn’t thoroughly see the images of Makoto who is being tortured, Makoto will be executed, so Miyako is forced to see the brutal images. After Miyako sees the images, she starts suffering in pain, and suddenly her hand is truning into a demon one and then her whole body is about to turn into a demon. However, it stops only at the hand having become the demon one because dying Makoto appears there. Miyako regains her senses, seeing Makoto who clings her and tells her that don’t lose the battle, but Nishigami shows the scenes in which transformation of the Lethal-Angel has been canceled and turned into Makoto, and Miyako is shocked to see the images. Though Miyako tries to forgive Makoto intently, the hand which has once become the demon one takes in anger of Miyako and she attacks Makoto. Miyako desperately tries to suppress her right evil hand which wounds Makoto against her will but she cannot do, so she tells Makoto that she should transform herself and beat her, Miyako. Makoto transforms herself but she gets damaged without hitting on Miyako due to the one-side defensive-battle. Then, Miyako comes up with one idea. Miyako should be knocked out temporally, and the meantime, Makoto beats the Mouse-Wilzer. The Lethal-Angel, who fights against the Mouse-Wilzer by 1 to 1, seems to get a chance of victory while she has a close game. However, the Mouse-Wilzer starts controlling fainted Miyako and makes her attack Makoto. The Lethal-Angel has a close game in a battle of 2 to 1 and seems to be defeated mostly, but Miyako wakes up at the last minute, taking the demon’s hand as her power and getting power together with the Lethal-Angel, succeeding in beating the Mouse-Wilzer. Two girls overcome the ordeal of the battle... But the real battle has just started now!

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