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ZDAD-17 Angel-like Nurses - Risal Angel - Despicable! There Comes Roach Wilther!

People in Tokyo are living in fear because of the recent virus outbreak in the metropolis. The virus turns infected humans into monsters by multiplying their malice, and to make matters worse, only the most evil criminals can be affected by it. Those criminals rather rejoice in becoming monsters than mourn their fate, as they can punishment their newly gained powers to commit more atrocious crimes. Metropolitan Police Department and Ministry of Defense have named the virus ”Devil Virus,” and formed a new unit to counteract the epidemic. Miyako Hayami is one of the members of the unit, and she has special abilities to detect those who are infected by the virus. As the senior members of organization come to know that, a nurse named Makoto is assigned as Miyako’s partner. Miyako is not happy about it as she wanted a cop, not a nurse, but Miyako recognizes Makoto’s superb ability to detect and heal those who have just infected before it is too late, and reluctantly accepts her as her new partner. One day a vengeful man Kamizawa, whose cohort was once arrested by Miyako, is infected by Devil Virus. Miyako realizes the infected patient is Kamizawa himself, who is responsible for the death of her supervisor. Enraged Miyako refuses to obey Makoto trying to stop her. Miyako chases and drives him into corner, but Kamizawa is also poised to exact his revenge on Miyako for the loss of his partner in crime. Miyako attempts to arrest Kamizawa, but she suffers great pain as Devil Virus within her body gets activated because of her hatred against the man. Kamizawa, on the other hand, embraces his new body and the extraordinary forces given by the virus, and he beats up Miyako, transforms into the monster Roach Wilther. Roach captures Miyako and takes her to his lair. Now a demonic monster, Kamizawa intends to slowly kill Miyako, giving her pain and fear, making her uncomfortable and exhausted, by using ”torture roaches” that stick to a human body to absorb life energy and discharge it as electricity. Makoto, who learned of her predicament from her boss, tries to locate Miyako’s whereabouts, but Roach Wilther anticipates her move because of her blunder before transformation. Though Makoto is forced to take a tough fight as she cannot transform in front of Miyako, she catches the enemy off his guard and rescues her. Miyako frees Makoto and continues to fight, while Makoto becomes Lethal Angel and defeats Roach Wilther, but her body and mind are exhausted, completely spent. (To be continued in ”Evil! Mouse Wilther”)

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