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ZDAD-10 Cyborg 0.001% WOMAN mission 1

In the near future of 2111, the Earth is in a state of cold war between North Town and South Town lasting for over 160 years. Behind the world where peace is maintained on a precarious balance of atomic weaponry, secret intelligence agents are deploying a silent warfare. Women cyborg agents 0.001, 0.002 and 0.003 (commonly known as 01, 02 and 03) of South Town, under instruction from their boss, have set out to capture the Energy Capsule developed by North Town. Crossing the border without trouble, the three agents now enter North Town, where they find soldiers chasing a girl. While Agents 02 and 03 tend to go out for her help, Agent 01 puts priority on accomplishing their mission. But, defying Agent 01, Agents 02 and 03 set out to rescue the girl, splitting the group. Agent 01, capitalizing on cyborg attributes, succeeds in infiltrating the North Town laboratory...

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