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ZATS-29 Burning Action Super Heroine Chronicles 29 -Gingaiger -Monster Torturer

Aika Shiraki/Ginga Mercury has conflicted with Takako Sasamura, a member of interrogation department, because Takako interrogates combatants in an inhumane manner. Then Aika blows the whistle on Sasamura’s interrogation. Sasamura receives disciplinary dismissal but she defects to the Darkness World BAZOO. She becomes a monster Torturer to revenge Aika. Torturer decoys Aika while another Gingaiger members are absent. BAZOO concentrates all their efforts to defeat Aika. Finally, Aika’s Gingaiger suit is released. Torturer starts torturing Aika with his deep grudge. Is Gingaiger able to stop the plan of monster Torturer!?

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