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ZATS-24 Burning Action Super Heroine Chronicles Sun Soldier Leona

Yui Kuwana is the teacher of Urushigaoka elementary school and fights with evils as the Justice Heroine Sun Soldier Leona. One day, Yui plans to take place Tokusatsu Hero Show, The Galaxy Detective Braver, to encourage transfer student Yuzuru. Yui thinks the show is going on successfully, but combatants of the Satan Garunde sneak into the show. The show becomes disaster. Yui transforms into Leona and beats combatants. But Syuji Kondo, he is the actor performs Braver, is looked down by children because he can’t fight with evils. After that He hates Leona, and deals with Satan Garunde to become the Devil Braver. Devil Braver tries to revenge Leona but…

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