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TTRE-09 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Ⅸ Sailor Prism V Sailoer Syruphy

Sailor Prism is in big trouble. A report arrives that Sailor warriors are being bloodily massacred by a new enemy! While two surviving Sailor warriors Ako Kazami aka Sailor Syruphy, and Reiko Hiba aka Sailor Wizard, are looking for the other members who escaped the catastrophe, a greedy humanoid monster Gluttony attacks Ako. Ako quickly transforms into Sailor Syruphy and using her deadly move she almost defeats the monster, but the enemy turns the tables on her with a cunning trap. Now with her transformation cancelled, Sailor Syruphy is driven into corner, but when she learns the deaths of her friends, Sailor Syruphy in a burning rage fights back and defeats Gluttony. But the monsters’ leader Greeder, born out of seven deadly sins, throws the enraged Sailor Syruphy into the dark abyss, where a horde of grotesque-looking, flesh-eating and ever-hungry tentacles prowl about for food. Unable to move, Sailor Syruphy is humiliated and disgraced by the countless tentacles that devour her beautiful, silky-white body. Tentacles never feel any emotions except their insatiable desire for women’s bodies, and they enter the vagina of Sailor Syruphy and ejaculate semen into her womb. They also enter her anus, destroying Sailor Syruphy physically and mentally. Proud and strong-minded Sailor warrior is made to lay monster’s eggs. Sailor Syruphy will be humiliated in the eternal hell of the monsters....[BAD END]

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