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TTRE-07 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Vol.07 - Sophia Lady

Sophia Lady, a cosmic investigator, engages in a fierce battle, cornering a criminal to the cosmic prison. The criminal gets away narrowly, escapes into a block known as the unopened cell in the prison, where the most felonious inmates are imprisoned, and releases them at large. Knowing that they cannot get away from Sophia Lady, the felons let loose the formidable alien with tentacles. Sophia succeeds in cornering the felons, but they fight back ferociously, joined by other felons who had seeds transplanted in them by alien tentacles. Sophia Lady resists with all her might to keep the tentacles from entering her body but finally the tentacles’ fluid paralyzes her to let them penetrate her. Will Sophia Lady be able to overcome the alien’s tentacles?

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