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TTRE-02 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Vol.02

Yoshino, high school girl, has an acute headache of unknown origin. And the next moment she realizes that she is at a ruined place in the unconscious. A mysterious Tentacle Phantom shows up and attacks her. But she transforms into Heroine with a help of strange power and in turn gets rid of him. Still puzzled with the dream-like situation, she suddenly gets sleepy. Again, she is attacked by evil tentacles when she is rather unprepared. She decides to go back to the ruin and have another fight against Tentacle Phantom. However, when there is an attack of tentacle from behind, she cannot defend it and let them get into the mucous membrane. With no prior experience of this, she cannot even move the body. A bundle of tentacles crawls on her body and become sexually. She passes out due to the pleasures she gets from them. Meanwhile, Tentacle Phantom keeps attacking her...

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