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TTRE-01 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Vol.01

Charge Five have got down a series of phantoms sent by Galaxy Empire Devil Garden. Star Emperor cultures an exceptional parasite Nule that was discovered at a planet in Galaxy Point MS800 and has tremendous vital and propagating power. In order to find out the location of cosmo source, Star Emperor sends Phantom Opus as a commander to Charge Margaret who is the least strong. She gets captured by tentacles of Opus and looses her body energy, letting the tentacles cut into the power suit. As the tentacles wriggles on her skin, Opus inserts his penis into the vagina. Locked in a jail, Margaret tries Hight Power that can increase her power but also has a risk to loose its control. This strategy succeeds and helps her make Opus vanished. But, Opus has had Nule in his body to battle down the hatches. Coming out of the body, Nule attacks all over her body, including nipples and the groin. It also goes into her body from the mouth. Physical pain reaches the highest point when Nule ejaculates repeatedly on her genitalia, and then Margaret has hallucination that she struggles in thousands of tentacles. This is one of those bad ending.

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