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THZ-28 Superheroine in Big Crisis!! Vol.28 - Dyna Ranger ~ Heroine Brainwash Plan ~ Vol.1 Phoenix in Captivity

Dyna Phoenix Maya Hino (Red) and Dyna Mermaid Saori Mizushima (Blue), the two girlie warriors of the Special Defense Rangers, are good partners. They have felled specters one after another dispatched by Zopfer, the organ of vice. Ghana, Zopfer’s woman cadre, has been cornered but has a secret plan to take the two in by brainwashing, not by beating them. Maya and Saori, off duty for the first time in months, promise each other to get together. But, Zopfer’s fighters and new specters are again on the move to interfere. Maya Hino, transformed to Dyna Phoenix, tries to beat the specters but falls into a pinch, stabbed by Ghana’s poison needle. She transmits a message to Saori Mizushima for help, which is foiled by electronic jamming. This is only the beginning of Ghana’s operation to trick both of them one by one. Ghana rips off Dyna suit, causing Maya to faint, and smudges her lips, feeling victorious about the operation... Ghana starts her crazy brainwashing on Maya Hino. Ghana’s poisonous mouth bites into the white soft body of Maya, Dyna Phoenix! The fighter’s dirty meat shaft is thrust deep into her throat, spreads her slit wide, and sends her to climaxes with sensuous piston movements, shattering her sense of reasoning to pieces... Zopfer’s black slime wraps up Dyna Phonix’s body to turn her into Zopher’s woman fighter. No longer Dyna Phoenix, Maya is now a full-fledged, Spartan woman fighter of Zopfer... Meanwhile, Saori Mizushima, knowing nothing about the fate of Maya, is in battle with the fighters to save Maya... What destiny will befall the two?

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