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THZ-27 Super Heroine in Crisis Vol.27. Ms.Fighter Dyna

Owing to world wide recession, this town’s public peace and order has getting worse and filled with crimes... In the midst of such a hard world to live in, one Savior flies down on the earth! She is the Company President’s Daughter Warrior named the Dyna-Woman! She is a super heroine with a dignified tidy face and a tempting sexy dynamite body. She usually conceals her true character and lives as a big company president’s daughter, but she transforms herself if some incidents happen. And she mows down criminals with her dynamite action day by day. On such an occasion a dishonest financial combine’s bad boy appears. He is Drago who is secretly accumulating longing and hatred feeling toward the Dyna-Woman, and that heartrending sorrow seduces him to commit a crime operation of capturing the Dyna-Woman... He uses his financial power to manufacture a robot for capturing the Dyna-Woman, and he succeeds in capturing her and giving her suffering. He makes her choked and trampled her dynamite body, and he drives her into a tight corner until she looses her consciousness. Also after that he carries the Dyna-Woman to his secret base by a car, and he plays her smooth white springing body as much as he likes; and he enjoys her reaction cruelly. She has a body like a perfect ripen fruit, so owing to that the Dyna-Woman as an adult person is also destined to have a weakness. She is very easy to get dirty sensitive feeling. The bad boy finds out this fact, and he makes her splash her acme salty urine shower by force and he makes her reach the climax so many times; and also he tortures the Dyna-Woman’s beloving sexual organs. Though the Dyna-Woman succeeds in escaping from him once, she has been buried a special remote controlling vibrator deeply inside of her sexual organs. So in the midst of a fight, that vibrator gives her serious stimulation to her womb. For that reason the Dyna-Woman is disgraced by the bad boy, and also she is disgraced by his fellows and shot cum inside of her sexual organs... In addition to that the Dyna-Woman is trained by a slutty servant who is so horny to the bad boy, and at last she is broken her neck by the cray uncontrolled robot... [BAD END]

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