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THZ-26 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! .25 Dino Ranger

Mai Mitsuya. She is a teeny-weeny coed, wishing to be a tenis player. She now worries about her tennis performance going down because she has to fight as a Dino Ranger. On the important day of a match for Mai, she happens to locate the fighters belonging to the Wizarders of the dark wizards, led by a woman cadre Lemures. Challenging the fighters, Mai beats them and save her town but, exhausted from the fight, loses her match. Meanwhile, Lemures, defeated in her plan to demolish the town due to Mai’s intervention, has to pay for her failure to Master Wizarder, the head of the clan. The two, having enmity to each other, meet to revenge. Mai, transformed as Dino Pink, fights Lemures but gets beat and taken as hostage. She faces rigorous and vicious tortures and gets into a fix... Bad ending.

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