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THZ-23 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.23 Dengekisen Spark Ranger

Even if a girl was operated for remodeling surgery by an evil organization named Diabolonero, she barely escaped with her life, and in the combat she could attain to transform into the Super-Beegle . However, newly developed equipment called the Tornado-Circuit, which had been planted inside her body, didn’t work, so she was fainted with overwork. But she came to life by aid of the old man who was a scientist and had same kind of experience, and she committed herself to fight for justice as the Super Beegle. She applied for getting remodeling re-surgery of the Tornado-Circuit. Monsters of Diabolonero were easily beat by the Super-Beegle who once activated the Tornado-Circuit. But, after she saw a monster blown up oneself, she realized that same self-destruct system was planted inside her body as well. And the cadreman named Doctor Benino, who came to take back the Tornado-Circuit, attacked her with thorn teasing and poison liquid teasing, and Dr. Benino succeeded in driving her into a critical danger. Beside of that, Dr. Benino plotted to brainwash the old man who practiced re-surgery of the Tornado-Circuit and make him his researcher. In order to protect the old man, she tried to blow up herself with Dr. Benino, but the self-destruct system had been already taken off during the last re-surgery. So her mission was failed. She couldn’t do anything against attack of poison gas, poison liquid and thorn teasing, and she was completely captured by Dr. Benino. Even if she was tortured, she never confessed where the old man was staying. She also never gave up against energy sucking attack by Dr. Benino, but she was screwed a king-sized gun and was sent the wave motion. Heroine as the Beegle was, she was so confused and finally confessed the secret. But the Beegle tried to stand against enemies for the old man who just believed her, and she was about to settle the fight with her desperate attack called the Cyclone-Spark. BAD END

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