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THZ-22 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.22

The invaders from the space “Alien Empire” declare war against the humans using a huge Alien Beast as a weapon. To counter Alien Beast’s attacks, Dr. Aoshima of Light Resource Institute creates an enormous robot machine “Machine Saver,” leading the fight against the invaders. The Alien Beast’s attacks get more and more powerful as the war goes on, however, so Doctor realizes that a reinforced unit “Machine Booster” must be mounted to the robot’s body. That means he needs someone to control the unit so it is decided that an ace pilot from America should be invited to the Institute! One day when Koichi, younger brother of Keisuke, is attacked by the combatants of Alien Empire, a mysterious beautiful woman shows up and saves him. This woman is none other than Miriya Asaoka, pilot of Machine Booster! The city is under attack from Alien Beast at that time. Keisuke sets out to fight riding Machine Saver, but the attacks are actually the Empire’s cunning trap! While Keisuke is forced to fight on, the Machine Saver’s headquarters is attacked by Alien Empire! Not only that, it turns out that Miriya’s Saver Suit has a very serious defect! Can the ace pilot Miriya operate Machine Booster and join it to Machine Saver?!

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