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THZ-21 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.21

Blast Pink as Miki Sakura, the only woman of wind-thunder force ”Blast Ranger” tends to be single-minded having a feeling of competition towards men. This time the manlike character does harm to her. She is strong when she fights on her own. She chases fleeing enemies and traces down their hideout. But there appears a butterfly monster ”Buttermos” in front of Pink. She is driven to the wall receiving the poisonous scales of Buttermos. In the outdoor punitive expedition sequence, she has her long legs pulled and opened, then has the groin whacked. She comes down from truth drug-induced frenzy and gets issues. She desperately holds on to keep the secret but faints in agony from the monster’s poisonous scales. Then a huge senior man comes and disgraces her ejaculating into her body. Worn out, Pink ends up telling the enemies the entire secret...

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