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THZ-16 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.16

Arisa Yumeno is a female fighter--Toki--directly working for a country of Blue Blossom as a follower/body guard. Making a contract with the person to be guarded, she can transform into Maitoki. One day the spoiled princess of Blue Blossom secretly goes out... But, she gets fallen into a pray set up by Wieser group who is in an attempt of world conquer by capturing the princess! Yumeno fights up against them to save the princess but ends up being captured; she is violently beaten up and gets her energy sucked up. They make the princess sniff an aphrodisiac so that she keeps delivering nasty and cruel sexual surrenders to Maitoki. Finally, Arisa is abandoned to where starving ghosts are ready to take advantage of her to the bone...

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