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THZ-14 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.14

Thanks to the achievement of Totsugeki Butai Charge Five, the earth invasion of Devil Garden, the space invasion group, has been prevented. However, the head of Devil Garden, Star Emperor Fazn does not give up the invasion, and he employs a new space monster, Carnel Gel, and sends him into the earth to search the ore, Cosmo Star, which bars the materialization of Fazn. Toka Narita, a member of Charge Five, in the base of Totsugeki Butai, completed “Highpower,” which improves the physical power, not depending on the globe energy However, when exercising using Highpower, the members of Charge Five sustain serious damage by malfunction. Toka, feeling responsibility, challenges the Devil Garden alone… Carnel Gel attacks her by overwhelming power, and his plot seals the globe energy and Toka cannot transform herself. To search for the hidehouse of Cosmo Star, Carnel Gel drugs Toka into their base and makes Blizzard Gel chill her body, and hit her hard to injure her. Toka never surrenders, so Carnel Gel, to craze her mentality, decides to disgrace her…

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