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THZ-10 Super-heroine desperation Vol.10

Saeko Matsubara, Battle Ranger Pink, is tortured after being caught by the group of Grim Reapers. She encounters Shinichi Kashimura as Red at the jail of the Grim Reapers. She escapes destroying the cage using her favorite bomblet while Red is away to be tortured. However, the pursuers are rough and she can not transform herself into Pink due to the damages by torture however hard she tries. She ends up getting caught again despite her good fight. Feeling frustrated with Saeko who desperately endures the torture, the Grim Reapers resort to leave her at large setting a transmitter around her lower abdomen secretly. Saeko goes to rescue Red again and wages a battle but she once again gets captured. She is forced to inhale some smoke that makes one prurient and falls in a terrible pinch. Having become prurient, she starts to masturbate against her will and what’s worse she gets disgraced by the monster Germer and other combatants. Finally, she is forced to take a sniff of poisonous gas, which makes her turn green throughout her body. What a raw deal!! What will become of the earth’s destiny!?

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