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THP-29 Super Heroine in Crisis Vol.29 - Night Fever VS.Mrs.Exceed

Haruka Fujimori, only female member known as Ms. Exceed of the Night Fever Five, has a mission to retrieve Night Ore, the energy source of the Night Foundation, which has been stolen by an organ of evils. Ms. Exceed successfully traces down the secret base of the enemy and tries to communicate with her peers, which effort, however, has been foiled by jamming. She ends up fighting with the enemy all alone... During the fight, she rescues one little boy, who turns out to be a son of the boss of the evil organ. Captured by the enemy, Ms. Exceed gets her leotard, a reinforced suit, pulled, where a hand sneaks into her groin to molest her,revealing that she gets wet so easily. Narrowly escaping, she has her eyes assailed by the monster’s poison slime which blinds her, and she is again in a fix. Later, the enemy buries a vibrating capsule into her cunt, which makes her so wet during her fight that she is immobilized. Ms. Exceed gets screwed by the enemy’s boss and his son who spew cum inside her. Smashed and exhausted, she is splashed with monster’s slime and gang banged by enemy fighters. Sent forcibly to climaxes time and again and molested in sheer disgrace, she yet has her desire to keep everything hidden from her peers and squeezes her last might to keep fighting for her life...

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