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THP-28 Super Heroine in Big Crisis Vol.28 Kamen Warrior Heartbraiger

For this episode we tried something new; that is, we gave the heroine a supporting role. Will a tokusatsu (special effect) heroine look better as a sidekick of a hero? But please be assured that the main storyline is about the heroine herself. The film has a 1970s-style tokusatsu touch in it, which I believe is one of the greatest assets of the work and I really hope you will love it. 【Staff Comment】Atmosphere of the Shouwa era and costumes of a heroine and a heroe are really fabulous! The style of the heroine (Miss Rina Fukada) looks so nice, and I’m so excited at seeing her panties which appear and disappear while she makes high kicks (actually I can see the most parts of her panties all the time) and I’m also excited at seeing her cute mouth exposing out from her mask. Also costumes of the heroine & the hero and their action were so skillfully created in detail, so I can enjoy this film only to see those points. Especially figures of two people in the usual clothes and so on really remind me full essence and atmosphere of the Shouwa era, and they look like those days’ typical man and woman whom small children had yearned for in those days. And strangely I’m so excited at seeing such a girl’s well shaped tits which’re tried to be hidden while she is fighting against foes after her costume is totally torn into pieces. I actually feel fetishism toward faces, so this time I slightly regret at this point because the scenes of the heroine’s suffered and acme-reached faces are fewer than my expectations!!

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