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THP-27 Super Heroine in Big Crisis 27

A long-standing enemy of the Accele-Girl named the Witch-Dora blasted off a nuclear bomb! In order to take back the missile guidance system and stop the explosion, the Accele-Girl fought against Dora’s combatants! However, the super-beast named the Gal-Kong, which came from same planet as the Accele-Girl, appeared in front of her and succeeded in driving the Accele-Girl into a corner! His humongous arms beat the Accele-Girl’s body to a pulp mercilessly! The Gal-Kong mounted and almost smashed the Accele-Girl who was running away on her hands and knees, and in addition to that, he was sending hard punches until she would be fainted... And the Accele-Girl was put to the torture by the Witch-Dora. The Witch-Dora drove the Accele-Girl into a corner and tried to make her mentally crazy. Over the Accele-Girl whose face was stepped, she could hear echo of evil persons’ guffaw...but, the Accele-Girl had some secret strategy. HAPPY END

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