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THP-26 Super Heroine in Big Crisis 26

Standing tall at 170cm, with arms and legs slender and long, waist pinched-in, coupled with tight ass and big G-cup boobs, she is Cutie Friender, the android. In her body is embedded the Q.T. system that generates infinite stock of energy. The organization of vice has been after the system, but their endeavor has been foiled by her fighting power. The big boss, with two brains, now succeeds in paralyzing her with a powerful poison gas. Attacked by fighters who are ever so afire with vengeance, she gasps under severe pain and disgrace. With her peer and friend investigators taken as hostage, she is cornered in a fix. An androidas she is, her abdomen is flesh. Discovering that, the vicious villains assault her weak point, and the beautiful Super Heroine Cutie Friender has her body and mind ripped apart... Her costume torn, she gets disgraced and has villains’ semen ejaculated inside her, which she frantically tries to scrape out, further inflaming the rapists’ sadistic desire. Her cries of disgrace turn gradually to gasp of letch exultation. But, the moment her body and mind are pressured to the limits, her potential power of resilience has come flushing out! [Happy End]

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