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THP-24 Super Heroine in Big Crisis 24

Cosmo Sailor is a fighter sent from the universe, fighting for the peace of Earth every day. However, during a botched mission Cosmo Sailor lets her enemy slip away because of the two small-time crooks trying to take sneak shots of her. Cosmo Sailor saves the life of them, but seeing that she has lost power after the battle, the hoods take advantage of this and they knock Cosmo Sailor out unconscious with a modified stun gun to abduct and lock her up. The gangsters then take embarrassing and humiliating photos of Cosmo Sailor and give serous damage to her body with the ore called Emerald Knight so that she cannot resist and fight any more. Weakened Cosmo Sailor is disgraced by ordinary citizens and this is also shot by a camera. Can she fight back and get out of this big trouble and save the people being attacked by the enemy right now?

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