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THP-23 Super Heroine in Big Crisis 23

Lilis Factory was the only female soldier in Sonicman, whose duty was to kill the fighters of Gema, the monster organization who had appeared in town. Then she heard the desperate news that the students of Lilis were attacked by Gestova, the monster. Lilis could hear the childeren who were crying for help. She went to the scene to save the children. She changed into Sonicman to challenge against Gestova. But, the deadly Sonicsaucer was repelled with the strong tail attack of Gestova. In addition, she was tightened by the tail which wound her neck and definitely damaged by electrical attack. Gestova continued to afflict her by supersonic wave with using her sense of hearing. Lilis lost her conscious in spite of her desperate resistance. Gestova who had captured Lilis tortured her to make her confess where the Sonic Station was. He changed the tip of the tail into the mouth to melt the armor of Lilis. Felling frustrated that she would never open her mouth, Gestova decided to humiliate her with taking advantage of her weak point of the children they had captured as hostages. With communicating with the fighters who got the children on radio trasmission, Gestova tried to change the rebellious Lilis into the obedient woman. Gestova stimulated her groin and take her humiliaing pictures to show them to the children. In addtition, Gestova disgraced her. She spilled his semen from the secret place. Then, surprising event happendt ot the body of Lilis! She once again fought aginst Gestova with full armor! (Happy End)

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