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TBB-58 Heroine Suppression Vol.58

Nanami Aoi serves in the Earth’s Defense Force as the operational commanding officer. She has been fighting the evil organization of the Gozua Star Cluster, led by Star King Bazee, attempting to conquer the Earth. Aoi has beaten up the Bidler soldiers swarming around her, but she is now having a tough fight, attacked by a space human beast Zolban skillfully using tentacles. She quickly transforms into Charge Mermaid, but is confronted by another and much stronger enemy, aide-de-camp Buhga. Mermaid fights back bravely, but she alone is no match for them. That’s when a special galaxy agent Primrose arrives to her rescue, and they join forces together and manage to defeat Buhga. Aoi invites Primrose to the base of the Earth’s Defense Force, but what she sees there is Chief Commander Yabuki and Ryuichi Kenzaki held captive by the enemy commander Guild. Moreover, ‘Primrose’ is in fact Queen Mahames. The entrapped heroine Aoi is powerless and unable to fight back. The ruthless enemies discipline, humiliate, torture, and brainwash Aoi, and terribly confused, she loses her memories. But in the end she will remember who she was, a superheroine of justice. Yes, I am ... Charge Mermaid!! [HAPPY END]

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