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TBB-56 Heroine Suppression Vol.56

The human race is on the brink of total annihilation at the hands of Gorath, God of Darkness. A legend has it that there is ‘Goddess’s Stone’ that has the power to stop the impending catastrophes. A renowned scholar Masaki Kamiki and his sister Iona have discovered the legendary stone, but they are attacked by the enemy. They somehow protect the stone, but Iona loses her life and Masaki is heavily wounded. Overcome by grief at the death of his beloved sister, Masaki throws away the Goddess’s Stone, which means nothing to him anymore. Then something strange happens. The discarded stone enters the body of Iona, and a legendary female warrior Diana manifests herself before dying Masaki, telling him that she will grant her immense powers to the brave girl Iona. When Diana disappears, Iona wakes up and finds Masaki lying on the ground. She holds her dying brother in her arms, who says to Iona that she must continue to fight as the warrior Diana. Masaki dies and Iona makes a vow with tears in her eyes that she will defeat Gorath and all enemies of mankind. With the warrior Diana’s powers Iona is virtually invincible, defeating all the enemy forces she fights. During one battle, however, while chasing enemies running away, Diana encounters someone she never expected to meet again. It is Masaki, who claims that he needs Goddess’s Stone to resurrect completely. Surprised at the unexpected reunion with her dead brother, Diana nearly gives it to him, but thinks something is not quite right. Her judgment proves right. It is her enemy Sarda in disguise. However, Diana gets caught off guard during the battle with Sarda, and is captured. To retrieve the stone from her body, the enemy puts her through various tortures. Battered physically and mentally, Diana still attempts to endure the pains desperately, but.... [BAD END]

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