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TBB-53 Heroine Suppression Vol.53

A member of the Galaxy Special Investigator, Lily is a girl who has ability of Psychometry which can gets memory from living things and objects, and one day she gets to know that a petty thief named Kurokawa(means black river), whom accidentally she encountered, stole the special mineral called Lonsdaleite. At that time, a space arms merchant named Thehell is deserving Lonsdaleite which is harder than diamonds, in order to adopt it as parts of new style guns. But since it’s been stolen by Kurokawa, Thehell begins diamond bandito instead of Lonsdaleite. Thanks to activity of Lily who rushes in the spot, Thehell is cornered till a place of another one more step, and with her Psychometry she also finds out that he has been searching for a criminal who has taken Lonsdaleite. But her unguarded moment is taken, and her body is restricted by gravity-belt which is set up by the enemy, being tortured by the enemy’s huge pliers. Now, Thehell totally captures Lily and interrogates her about a location of Kurokawa, but she never breaks her mouth due to her pride and obligation of the investigator. Then, Thehell calls a female alien named Simone who is his lover and also a professional of torture. By Simone’s damp and obstinate torture, Lily’s strengthening suit is destroyed, and Lily is also mentally cornered. Well, is it possible for Lily to continue keeping the secret against the space offenders? And what’s about her life? [BAD END]

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