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TBB-52 Heroine Suppression Vol.52

By the Evil-Spirited-Remodeling-Army-Corps called the Gess(means suck-off in Japanese), Serra was adducted as the experiment life object from the earth when she was very young, but right before the foe’s brainwashing-remodeling, she was rescued by the Shine Star Alien who was fighting against the Evil-Spirited-Remodeling-Corps, and she was brought up in the Shine Star, and now she is a member of ”The Shine-Five” which consists of five fellows who has the same destiny and is fighting against the Evil-Spirited-Remodeling-Army-Corps. Inside of the foe’s army corps, the Gess, various evil-spirited remodelings are practiced under command of the cadre named Zooo Wormzee. And finally, the satanic evil beast named Gi-Galzass is created. By the way, the Shine-Five has to return to the Shine Star periodically in order to restore the Shining-Power, and they have returned to the star by rotation. Then, while Serra is protecting the earth alone, the Evil-Spirited-Remodeling-Army-Corps, the Gess appears in a town. Serra stands against the foe and transforms herself into the Yellow-Shine, and fights against the satanic evil beast, Gi-Galzass. However, in the middle of the battle, her power of the knockdown blow becomes weaker by the energy scarcity, and the Yellow-Shine is gradually driven into a deadly corner. At last, her transformation is also unlocked. Serra barely escapes from the spot, and she is bestowed the energy bestowed from a robot named Mog which has been created by the Shine Star Alien, and she can fight against the foe again. But a trap which has been plotted by the Guess and others await her. Then, the Yellow-Shine is captured by them, and she tastes endless hell of subjugation... [BAD END]

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