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TBB-50 Heroine Suppression Vol.50

A beautiful girl looking just like a white bird stands in the sun... She is none other than Girlie Warrior Bird Pink of the Scientific Bird Fighters. But, she has had her right leg wounded while tortured only three days ago when she was captured by her long-time enemy Gallaine. And, again as his target, Gallaine is going after Bird Pink, aka Asuka Momoki, who got away. His purpose is to wipe out the whole Bird Fighters... Specter Clouder, wielding tentacles and magnetic whips, beats up Bird Pink who has her energy drawn by the magnetic whip and her reinforced suit-clad glamorous body strangled by numerous tentacles, and she faints. She gets confined in a special capsule made for the purpose of interrogation and analysis of her reinforced suit. Gassed, electrified, heated and frozen, she now faces suffocation... Not et cracking, Bird Pink has to confront Specter Criser with the torture chair, who gives Bird Pink further pains and disgrace. And now, she faces public execution...!? [Bad ending]

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