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TBB-47 Heroine Suppression Vol.47

A state of emergency! The director general of the Defense Organization is restrained by the Death Empire! The Sailor-Perfume! Rescue the director general immediately! The Sailor-Perfume receives such an order and ventures into the Death Empire. The Perfume fights well even if she is fallen into a pinch against the foe’s monster. But she witnesses the director general who has been their hostage. There is nothing for it, so she exposes herself against foe’s hard violence. She faints by the foe’s merciless domination and she is crucified on their torture cross, and she is teased with a pair of huge matal pliers and she is run through an acute painfull electricity. Besides that, she is sprayed nerve gas which amplifies her pain, and sadly her flesh is poked with the torture needles. And the ultimate one is the Death Empire’s secret torture instrument named ”The Thunder-Devil” which gives unimaginable pain to the Perfume. But the torture still doesn’t end. The Perfume’s energy is sucked by an instrument named ”The Energy Sucking Machine” which accompanies with tyrannous pain. And the foe’s weapon named the Incandescent Gun emits toward her flesh. And after that she is straddled on metal-made triangle horse by torture officers known as torture specialists. While she is carried some weights and the Electric-Thunder Weight, she receives the hard domination which unrolls endlessly. She is seriously wounded, and her laid flesh and face are stepped. And she is forced to forth at the mouth, and she faints while she is showing the white of the eyes. [BAD END]

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