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TBB-46 Heroine Suppression Vol.46

Power Woman is a superheroine fighting for the peace of the world. When not fighting, she disguises herself as an ordinary high school girl on Earth. One day, however, she is challenged by the strongest and meanest enemy, a huge-bodied space terrorist! But the enemy is no match for Power Girl and she defeats him easily. What Power Woman doesn’t know is that they have another agenda in mind.... Power Woman sets out to fight again confidently and almost defeats the space monster that confronts her, but someone cunningly sneaks up from behind to attack her! Shorn of her superpower, Power Woman loses most of her powers and kneels down during the battle for the first time in her life. Humiliated Power Woman has no time to rest, though, because the huge terrorist pounces on her mercilessly, using his herculean powers! The enemy beats up Power Woman to a pulp and then lifts her battered body like a doll and surrenders her with caressing and kissing her on the neck. Enraged Power Woman starts fighting back, but she is too weak now and passes out miserably, showing the whites of her eyes.... Then the terrorist has Power Woman hold a radioactive gravity bomb that can destroy the entire Earth, and tortures her on the needles made from space alloy. Surely this is going to be the worst ending that a heroine could experience.... [BAD END]

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