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TBB-43 Heroine Suppression Vol.43

The Charge-Mermaid known as the super popular series finally appears in the Suppression ones!! Ruri Misaki ventures into a hidden base of the Gozark by herself in order to accomplish a rescue mission of a colleague named Miyuki Nagisa, but... <Before Transformation> In order to sneak into a core of the Gozark’s base, Ruri is purposely captured by the enemy, but she is hit with electric whip by the Queen named Mahaness(acted by Miss Riri Kouda); and Ruri looses her consciousness. Also she is totally beaten by a monster named the Monster-Wolf and is completely seized. She is bound, and the electric whip of Queen Mahaness is cutting air around. Ruri is teased by hot air torture by a torture man. However, while she is tortured by electric shock, fortunately she succeeds in transforming herself by utilizing the electricity. But her colleague Miyuki Nagisa is still being taken as hostage. So Ruri is again captured and bound while she has nothing that can be done. <After Transformation> She is tortured with a medieval era’s tool named the Iron Maiden and also with electric needles. And while she is forced to carry the sixth generation’s Electric-Thunder Weight, she is teased with hitting torture. And at last she is coked her neck with thin wire and she totally looses her consciousness.

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