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TBB-42 Heroine Suppression Vol.42

Miss Exceed is a sole female fighter in ”The Night-Fever Five” , and one day she is interfered her electric emission system, and that makes her unable to communicate with her fellows; and as a result she is fighting against the enemy only by herself. Miss Exceed mows down the enemy’s combatants, but suddenly one monster appears and attacks her with his slime; and the monster takes her sight away and chases her down into a corner. Miss Exceed is choked with a rope and is struggled to suffer, but barely she succeeds in escaping from their secret base; however, the enemy is so meanly persistent and still chasing after her. Even outside of the base, she desperately fights against the enemy, but mercilessly she is pulled her arms and legs by the enemy and having body blows continuously; and again she is taken back to their secret base and she is torn and ripped her tempered suit with their hard whipping. In addition to that she is given some electric shock and she cries so hard; and she is thrown their slime into her wounded parts...But even though she is completely torn and wasted into pieces, she is going to have one more chance to transform herself...! She barely can go out into outside and tries to emerge with her fellows, but she is totally exhausted and wasted while she is fighting against the monster. Miss Exceed is taken away in front of a boss of the evil organization and she realizes all fights she has been desperately doing so meaningless, and she is completely driven to despair. Finally she is swallowed by a gigantic creature, and she is eaten her tempered suit and is exposed her naked figure miserably in public forever...

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