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TBB-29 Heroine Suppression Vol.29

High Rangers, female warriors of justice, keep fighting Demon Troops every night. The incessant sabotage attacks from Demon Troops’ combatants, however, have forced each member of High Rangers to act separately more frequently than before. Taking advantage of this, high-rank leaders of Demon Troops, Scalp and Octor, begin a “game” to decide which of the two is to rule the evil organization, a game of capturing one High Ranger, and making her confess the place where their headquarter is. They pick on High Ranger Blue as the target. Blue, knowing it is a trap, enters the base of Demon Troops alone, but she ends up with being caught by ambush and is mercilessly beaten up by Scalp and Octor. Two wicked monsters inflict tortures on her by turns as if it’s a game and High Ranger Blue groans and cries, her face distorted with pains....

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